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Pallabi Chakravorty

Pennsylvania, USA

Anthropologist, dance artist, and choreographer Pallabi Chakravorty studies performance in India, having done fieldwork in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, and Ahmedabad. Her first book Bells of Change is on Kathak, the classical dance form of North India. Her recent book, This is How We Dance Now, is on dance reality shows. She has co-edited three books: Performing Ecstasy, Dance Matters, and, last year, Dance Matters Too; published dozens of journal papers and book chapters; and edited a proceedings (Dance in South Asia), and an ethnographic film (Kathak in the City). Her works bring together the visual and performing arts, history, anthropology, film and media studies, and gender and postcolonial studies. She is Professor and Director of Dance at Swarthmore College in the department of Music  and Dance, the Director and founder of Courtyard Dancers.